What i've done so far

  Snapp Doctor

Senior SEO Specilist (Since December 2021)


Senior SEO Specilist (July 2020 – December 2021)

After being a freelancer for a year, I decided to try corporate life again as an employee. Now I am working as an SEO specialist in BimeBazar, the first insurance startup in my country. The keywords competition in this business is higher than you think, but fortunately, I like the challenge, which makes it more interesting. 

In short:

#1 in the most competitive search queries on these categories:

Auto insurance
Health Insurance
Life Insurance
Travel Insurance
Fire Insurance

368% Impression Increase
371% Click Increase


SEO Consultant (February 2020 – March 2021) 

Then I met Chamaan, which is a psychology clinic. They just had a website, but no benefits. I helped them by offering business monitoring and SEO strategies. I improved their site’s traffic to 900% in almost eight months.

The thing is that the Chamaan team, including their psychologists, are committed to ethical and moral values, and that made me happy because I was helping people in my society to find professional consultants even if it was indirect.

  Rahnema College

Digital Marketing Course (October 2019 – December 2019)  

To start at Rahnama College, I had to pass two difficult steps. One, the basic exam between thousands of applicants, and two, the final test with an interview in person between 100 people. Without a doubt, being a part of Rahnama College is an extraordinary experience for someone with my digital marketing attachment. 

I was accepted and spent about 50 days in a professional space, with many digital marketing enthusiasts working on an objective and turning it into a real business. 


Co-Founder (July 2018 – July 2019) 

I built this business from scratch, and it made it possible for me to try new approaches, plan different digital marketing strategies, and analyze the outcomes. The first challenge was that I had to have standard knowledge of different strategies and then apply them in our newborn business.

So I took many online and offline digital marketing and SEO courses. I was really drowning in the vast world of new ideas, working 14 hours a day. The result was that with a minimum budget, I was able to gain more than 1500 entries on search engines and about 10K followers on Instagram. It was optimistic statistics for this particular business.

  Peyke Bartar

Advertising Consultant (August 2017 – September 2018)  

I started my job in Peyk Bartar as an Offline Advertising Specialist, working for some printed magazines and advertising journals. It was a regular job with a steady income. But I couldn’t connect to the product I was selling. In my opinion, since most of the people were spending their time on social media and their smartphones, advertising on offline and printed magazines was outdated. That is the exact time when I faced new concepts called Digital Marketing, SEO, and Startups.

So I started researching different areas of digital marketing, which I found absolutely intriguing. That turned me into a startup geek obsessed with many new ideas. Something I noticed was that offline advertising could not be sold to startups anymore. Well, I decided to quit my job and follow my dream of being an online digital marketing specialist.

  University of Mazandaran

English Literature (September 2013 – June 2017)  

Being four years away from my family was an excellent opportunity to try an independent life with many ups and downs. The truth is studying English literature might not directly affect my job, but keeping up with this major at that university played a significant role in my personal life. 

Besides finding new friends, I was blessed enough to learn from exceptional professors whose ideas shaped mine. Literature, literary criticism, and philosophy certainly opened a new horizon in front of my eyes to understand the meaning of life, put things in perspective, and not to be narrow-minded.


 Full Digital Marketing Course

Industrial Management Institute (August 2020 – Present)  


Gray Hat SEO

Binam Marketing School (August 2020 – Present)  


   SEO Laboratory

Box Sxhool (August 2020 – Present)  


     Digital Marketing Fundamentals                      Credential ID G8L J9V BFB

     Google Analytics for Beginners  

    Google Ads Search for Power Users

     Google Analytics Individual Qualification 


  Pelak.com SEO Project Assistant (2020)

    Keshmoon.com SEO Project Assistant (2020)    

  ArvanCloud.com Market Research for CDN Product (2020)

  Orkidehrestaurant.com Technical SEO Analysis Project (2020)

   Danielleeiran.com SEO Project Assistant (2020)

   Zimalab.co SEO Project Assistant (2020)