What i've done so far

 SEO Specialist – Bimebazar (August 2020 – Present) 
BimeBazar is an unbiased insurance agent providing consultation and online purchase by comparing costs and features of a wide variety of insurance policies just in seconds.




Tashilcar.ir – Social Media Strategist

Since August 2020

We are enabling people to afford things they love by providing helpful and valuable financial solutions.We are having a fresh start, redesigning and developing our trusted and proven solution from scratch. Join our team and let’s make a meaningful impact together.

Vafa.ir is one of the most influential in the financial credit industry in the past 15 years. The disruption caused by technology in many industries leads us to reboot our core business and launch new platforms These platforms and products are going to make

Digital Marketing Consultant (June 2019 – Present) 

   Huntingland – Co-Founder

  (August 2020 – Present)  

   Advertising Consultant – Peyke Bartar

  (August 2020 – Present)  


  Full Digital Marketing Course – Industrial Management Institute

  (August 2020 – Present)  

   Digital Marketing Course – Rahnema College

  (August 2020 – Present)  

   Gray Hat SEO – Binam Marketing School

  (August 2020 – Present)  

   SEO Laboratory – Box Sxhool

  (August 2020 – Present)  


 .    Digital Marketing Fundamentals                      Credential ID G8L J9V BFB

     Google Analytics for Beginners  

    Google Ads Search for Power Users

     Google Analytics Individual Qualification 


  Pelak.com SEO Project Assistant (2020)

      Keshmoon.com SEO Project Assistant (2020)    

  ArvanCloud.com Market Research for CDN Product (2020)

  Orkidehrestaurant.com Technical SEO Analysis Project (2020)

   Danielleeiran.com SEO Project Assistant (2020)

   Zimalab.co SEO Project Assistant (2020)